When energy is down it is hard to remember how it was, when I had much energy and inspiration, it is hard to believe that this tiredness is passing by. It is like middle of the winter – you don´t really remember how the summer was.

Stillness, grayness, rain of Munich are in past, winds of Langenhain are greeting us. Fresh wind, with good smell. We made a stop on the top of the hill and I was stretching and moving like waking up after long sleep. Something in me started to move again.

The most sounding stairs I ever stepped on. Leaving our AirBnb flat.

Just a coffee.

Through the train window.

Left overs from birthday cake.

Arriving to Frankfurt.

I almost didn´t write today, but I am happy that I did. This day is only today, tomorrow is completely another day.

Let´s be alive!

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