To remember

To remember

I think all the time about Memorianum. I am drawing the plans of perfect, fantastic website which is moving like a video game, asking friends to help with translations, writing down all the to-do´s. Sending out some question formulars.

I have been so much an idea-person, I don´t completely believe that this project will be like I see it can be, but I ingnore this feeling and just keep going. Maybe I am changed, maybe I can bring things on the ground now with help of others. Maybe I always tried to do everything alone and wanted to have all the good attention on me and so I never managed things alone and stopped. Now I see that this project is needed and I would myself love to visit this website, if somebody wants to steal the idea – please do that! It can be a nice database of lifestories, funny situations out of life, descriptions of talents, about what other people learned about those persons who´s stories are up there.

Do you have somebody who is not here on the Earth anymore but you remember him/her well and you want to write this person into human history? Can be simple memories. Your grandmother with funny sayings, some nice photos? Traditions? Maybe your grandparents are still living and you want to ask them about their life?

Time to have a green drink. Thursday celebration between workingtime.

Outside office.

Outside food.

2 thoughts on “To remember

  1. I find the memorianum idea quite endearing. I have one person I love very much and would like to let the world know, so he can live on many many days even after me. But I feel I am not ready yet/can’t possibly find the words that make justice to him yet. Hope the project will stick around for a good amount of time 🙂

    1. Thanks, Zosia!
      I would like to know about this person you are mentioning. 🙂
      There will not be the complete truth about the person. When we write about somebody, then we write it through ourself and it is how our love to this person will be visible for others, it is not right or wrong, it can´t be perfect. I think it is important that we show love.
      Think about this person and think about what you would like to share about him/her with others, maybe something starts to grow then…

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