This idea was appearing when some of good friends met and had a talk somewhere in Sweden. First name for this idea was Virtual Graveyard – memories of people who are not anymore with us but who we would like to remember. What did they do in their life? In what they were good at? Some funny happenings, some images, some letters… Do you want to tell to others who was your grandmother? Or was there somebody else who inspired you? Do you want to share this story with others?

I dream about the team where we have person who collects the texts, asks questions, helps to form the story, then some who translate the text into other languages (right now are involved Swedish, German, Estonian, English languages and translators), somebody who takes care of the website, somebody who shares short stories in social media, somebody who wants to write a project to get some support.

I dream about the website system, where you can “walk” around, read different life stories, also search for keywords… It can grow and grow, it will be like a collection of biographies. You can also start to talk to your grandmother right now to write about her life, she will be happy to share it with you!


This project has no name yet, no form yet, but it is on the way. I see many talented persons, who are on the way to bloom and show themselves, but they are too lonely on their way. We have all so much do to and have very little time to notice what others are doing and if someone needs our help. I want to interview these persons who I like, to show them to others, I want to make photo sessions with them to show their beauty. First interview and photo session is done, I just need to form it and let it out to the world!


This idea was born in Dahab, Egypt, and it lives its life here right now (03.03.2018). Some days ago we supported one Bedouin to plant 20 date palm trees up the the hills. I am documenting the process, help with the website, social media, texts, translations… I feel nature needs our help and I just have to do something to support it.


I like to visit families middle of their everyday life. I like the mess, I like the noise, movements, action, emotions in the family. I like to photograph children, but I don´t like to involve myself into their world – I like to observe them without interrupting myself into their play time. I wish to stay with some families for some days or even a week, to live together, be together, so that I could photograph the beauty I see in this family, in different moments. If you want to have memories of your family as it is, authentic and true, then I would like to come to you. 🙂

If you feel you would like me to photograph you family or yourself, then take contact with me.