Neuer Weg

Neuer Weg

There´s unusual darnkness outside, different from Estonian evening light. Very tight. And warm. I guess +25 degrees.
Yesterday night we stood up on the balcony and watched the sky – there´s a nice row: very bright Mars, then Moon and Saturn. First thought what came up when I saw this nice composition: that´s why all is so simple now, flowing. Easy way written in the sky.

Christian explaned me how cells are functioning, we are preparing for CranioSacral course which is in the weekend.

Walked into my favourite place, sat there, wrote my diary, watched how sun was going behind the forest.

On my way back I got some food.

When I was walking on the way to the forest, I saw sun burned grass and I felt sad. Earth is in trouble. I got strong feelings in me and I thought that is not time to be somewhere in between now, it is not time to be afraid to stand for what you know is good, it is important that we take the right way, if it is not right, then it is wrong, there´s no middle road. It is clear, it needs clear thinking and strenght. When I was walking and thinking these thoughts, I found this feather, half black, half white.

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