To Remember

Memorianum is there to remember persons. Would you like to know more about your grandgrandgrandparents? How they talked, what they liked, what they knew? But there´s nobody who remembers… I wanted to know about my grandgrandgrandparents, but then I realized that I don´t even know about my own parents. I always believed I know them well and put together different pictures from here and there to know enough, but when I started to ask them to tell about their life, I had to agree that I know so little.

I would like to see Memorianum as a place, which carries on goodness, abilities, wisdom of persons. I wish that person´s bright essence will be shared to many people and her/his being will be carried through many years.
Would you like to be remembered like this? If yes, then start to write down your life story, we all are special and worth of autobiography.

5th of September 2018
Germany, Langenhain