Malin och Jag

Malin och Jag

Day was passing so fast today. After this slow nice weekend + long-sleeping today, I am ready to go on with my morning challenge – to wake up from 5AM or 6AM. Cloud of tiredness is slowly leaving and I can feel how my will power is coming back. Juhhei!

I was jogging today a bit and I was surprised about these nice views from the field roads. I knew that it might be good to run there, but I didn´t now that all the forests and villages are so good to see from there. Nice! Very good motivation to run there. In Berlin I ran every day and it was my need, I felt how my happiness was shaken on life when I was jogging. Today I was a bit out of form but anyway, happiness was waking up enough.

I cooked today some nice oven vegetables. Booked some tickets. Made some cloth-washing. Tiny bit Memorianum. Some e-mails.

Asked people to support Malin.

I was thinking today about how important it is to do good for each other. Send a post card, greeting, give some attention. Support. Help. We are here for each other.

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