Life Wants to Play with You

Life Wants to Play with You

Yesterday night I filled the e-application to create my own company, today my application was accepted and I went to the bank to get the bank account to my brand new company. I wrote my company name on the paper and when worker was reading it, I noticed she smiled a bit, but tried to be correct and not to show it. Later when she was filling the documents she asked if this company is about sports. I said no, but actually this company can be about everything.

Once I walked in the park which is close to my Berlin home (I use to walk there every day and always so nice ideas and thoughts are coming to me) and suddenly I felt how much Life (God? Energy? My guardian angel?) wants me to have fun. To play, to move, to be happy, to experience, to try out, I felt how it invites me to play with it, to take this chances it gaves me, to see the signs it shows me. I felt how Life is again and again inviting me to play but I refuse. I refuse because it is unconfortable to play – you never know what comes next, it is beyond control, I want to have it stable! When I came home I was painting a simple picture and wrote on it: “ELU TAHAB SINUGA MÄNGIDA”, it means “Life Wants to Play with You”, and I was hanging it on the wall. Now I have it as a company name, as mantra for myself to not to forget to play.

I wrote Life Wants to Play with You in Pinterest and here are some of the images which came up.

/Nõmme, Estonia

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