Let it come

Let it come

Well, we can imagine that we are making our life – that we have to decide, have to plan the future, make steps, but I see more and more how we have to let life happen. I have to take what comes and sometimes it means that I have to be in unconfortable situations: to go for example somewhere where I am afraid to go.

Right now I am coming from the place to where it was a bit unconfortable to go, but life gave me the possibility and I told “ok, I trust, I follow!”. Instead of it I could say :” I go there some other time”, “I will write them e-mail instead meeting them” or “It doesn´t seem to be my place.” This is just fear who talks. Fear for unknown, fear for changes. Sometimes I notice it and I can listen to life and take the opportunities, sometimes talks fear too loud. It is ok. To be weak, to follow fear is ok as well, then you can feel how it is to listen to fear.

Yesterday I followed my angel’s will and I got the place to sleep, some supper, I got to know 2 places where I could work and visited one place today. I am looking for job here and I let the life bring me right people and moments. It is much more fun to look how life plays with me than to go rationally through the job searching process. Play with life is surprising, it is fun and IT WORKS! You have to be ready and have to listen to your heart, or angel. 🙂 I want to learn to listen to my angel all the time, life is then so much easier.

When I had cleaning day.

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