In the morning I was dreaming about 2 guys who were travelling much, we sat around the big table and then I asked them won´t they like to write a book about their journey. I didn´t get the answer because I suddenly woke up. It was 5.35 and I thought it is the nice time to wake up.

I needed a small sleep middle of the day, when we drove around with Christian, so we had a brake on the forest road and took a nap.

We had one visit in the garden, where Christian was looking the works that were needed to do there. Next aim was to ask at driving school if I can drive car here in Germany with somebody who has driver´s license, but I can´t. Legally. Don´t tell anybody that I still drive sometimes with him somewhere between the fields and small roads.

When we drove to driving school, then we took the wrong way, but I thought maybe there´s a café on this wrong way, and I was right –  Christian knew there is a nice bio café at Hessnatur´s shop.

Today I thought about the idea to write two texts, first is this blog text which is kind of simple overview of some moments of my life, my thoughts, and then I could write another text, with all what is around and in it. My inner work in different situations in relations, more private details of beautiful life…

I feel I don´t  want to open everything for others to klick and consume. Sometimes I feel I hide too much, I don´t show enough and if I am only little bit open – then it is not this and not that – it is lagom, sufficent. This second text with deeper layers, it could be something I send directly to people, not put it up on internet. Those who are reading my blog can see then what is going on beside, behind, in, around this what I share here. Can be surprising. For me and others.

I invited some friends to read my blog – hello to you! I have not many who are reading my blog right now, so those readers who I don´t know personally are very special as well, hello to you, too! I am glad that you are here.

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