House on the Lake

House on the Lake

Last night at 3 we arrived to the lake in Austria. It is a special place here on the water, houses are on the feet next to each other, in the middle of the lake, lake grass in between houses.

Night sky was full of stars, when we drove boat I was looking all the time up to the sky until my neck was numb.

We loaded stuff off from the boat and then jumped into lake. It was So Good. Water is warm here and same time fresh. Earlier times I was a person who didn´t like to swim, but now I enjoy it very much. Specially here, water is all around and it is easy to jump in.

Today, late in the morning, after deep good sleep, I joined Christian to the harbour, he wanted to go to shopping and I wanted to go to jogging.

I ran from the harbour to the town called Rust, not so far away. First I didn´t know to where I run, but then I remembered a nice church garden and I went there. Made a brake under the trees, told one prayer and then ran back to the harbour. Maybe I have courage to take boat tomorrow and do the same. I never took this boat alone, I am not so good in parking.

Now we maybe watch a movie.

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