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When energy is down it is hard to remember how it was, when I had much energy and inspiration, it is hard to believe that this tiredness is passing by. It is like middle of the winter – you don´t really remember how the summer was.

Stillness, grayness, rain of Munich are in past, winds of Langenhain are greeting us. Fresh wind, with good smell. We made a stop on the top of the hill and I was stretching and moving like waking up after long sleep. Something in me started to move again.

The most sounding stairs I ever stepped on. Leaving our AirBnb flat.

Just a coffee.

Through the train window.

Left overs from birthday cake.

Arriving to Frankfurt.

I almost didn´t write today, but I am happy that I did. This day is only today, tomorrow is completely another day.

Let´s be alive!



Calm rainy München.
Tiredness continiues and rainy day allowes me to be less productive.

Christian is in his wish before he blowes out the candle.

Meeting Isar.

In the garden of the restaurant.

Writing a letter.



Today I was so tired. And freezing. Eyes were hurting. I just wanted to make myself very tiny and be somewhere in warmth and softness.

Took no photos. Only this one.

Now we are on the train to Munich to celebrate Christian’s birthday which is tomorrow.

I make this post in my mobile phone.

Today I got the translation from Kristel for Memorianum, so, story of Emma is now also in Estonian! This was the highlight of the day.

Next highlight will be when I fall in bed.

Hugs! Kallid! Kram!


Head aega!

Head aega!

Moon is getting full and people are extra nervous, unpatient, busy.
I am at Tallinn Airport, soon leaving Estonia, having one hour stop in Stockholm and then I will fly to Frankfurt.

Teemu learned to come upstairs, so he came and helped me to finish packing.

Mom is looking around in her garden.

I will be back in Estonia in October to continiue with driver´s license, maybe I manage to get it in this year. But I don´t mind if this doesn´t happen.

I write different sentences and delete again, write and delete, write and delete. There´s many people around me, I have laptop on my lap and it is not so easy to focus in myself.
This one-post-every-day challence is good because I don´t think “it is not best time to write now” – I have to write and I look for a chance to do it. And then I do it, even if it is not the best text I write. I have also another challence – to be in bed at 10PM every day, so, I won´t push my blog writing to somewhere later. There´s no later. Life wants to play with you – This is the name of my tiny company, so, let´s play!

How I manage to write when I am at the course? Or in Austria – middle of the water? In Köln? In München? I don´t know. If I don´t manage to get internet, then I will write offline.

Now it is time to get a coffee.

I wanted to write “I love you all!” but then I thought “you can´t say that, it sounds stupid”, but now I wrote it anyway. Have it good! I love you all!