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Hello again, my lovely readers.
I am in Berlin for some more hours and then I take the train to Frankfurt – in the evening I am back in Langenhain for one week.

I have had different happenings in between – I got together 8400 Egyptian pounds for children in Dahab! So many people wanted to take part of this small action. It is so easy to do someting good, I recommend to try! Look around, look how far your hands are reaching to help somebody.

After Communication as Art course with Iris I travelled from Hagalund to Järna. Made some computer work in Åsgatan café. Filmed Malin´s process in studio. Became ill. Didn´t fly to Florence with Michael as it was planned because Ryanair had strike. Went to Dresten instead to watch Raphael´s painting. It was Michael´s birthday present to me. Was really touching to see this painting, stood long time there to feel it.
Went to ecstatic dance event and danced myself free. Had coffee time with Katja, warming. I have all I need in my life and 100 times more.
Now I have to go to the train, have it good!

10 together

10 together

Today I got together exactly 10 persons who want to give their helping hand for poor families in Dahab! I keep going, I know that there are more children who need this help, families in Egypt are big.

I think about people who are leading big projects to help thousands of children, and I am sitting here and so happy about these 10 I can help. Or, I could say I give possibility for others to help. I feel so small but so happy.

It is strong wind and rain outside and complete darkness. Day was sunny and bright and I managed to enjoy it so much as it was possible. I took all from it. Was jogging, swimming, drying myself up in the sunshine, shouting out my happiness into the wind, hands stretched out to the sky. Cleaned up small huts for the people who are coming tonight and some who already came. Sat on the top of the matresses in the tractor´s trailer while John Arild drove tractor to the school house. Picked apples. Ate food on the balcony, with the view over the lake and felt so special feeling about it – someone cooked and I could eat it, such a luxury! I had everything I need.

Now I put my stuff together, have to make my “office” empty because people are coming to stay here during the course.

Iris is coming tomorrow, Christian, Michael and many other lovely persons as well.

Time to come to Berlin

Time to come to Berlin

When things are getting a bit too complicated, it is time to come to Berlin.
To sit on the balcony and listen what Michael has to say to me. He tells me that my inner beauty is growing, tells me to let my weak sides be – just look at them and not to try to change them. I feel how my selfvalue is getting in balance again. I forgot it all. I wanted to change my weakness, I wanted to get rid of it.
I was just reading new book of Iris and there she told – we have our strong sides to take care of weak sides, then we can actually be strong. If I try to get rid of my weak sides then I am trying to be somebody else and then I am not strong.

I fotgot to be happy, I fall into small tiny box when I am there in this village. Sometimes I go out and dance in the forest, sometimes I pray – it helps! It is nothing wrong with village, with others – it is all about me. It is about how can I manage incompleteness of life. If I fight against it or I let all mistakes be in the sunlight until they dry up and wanish with the wind. Smile and go on. 🙂

Lorna Byrne said: “We should all remember how important it is to pray and our world is in need of prayers now more than ever. Today I am asking you all not to be embarrassed to pray, there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. I am proud to say that I pray everyday.”

Sitting at the café and at this moment Nick Drake sings Northern Sky... Berlin, you welcome me well!

Midsummer flowers.