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Children in Dahab

Children in Dahab


Back from Cologne, back from my forest walk, back in writing.

I am writing to different women to ask how it is possible to do something for children in Egypt, Dahab. I believe it is important for children to feel that somebody cares about them. When they feel hope, then things can go much better for all the world. We are a big network. Look how much we have here in Europe and how much is missing at some places in the other side of the globe. Let´t try to balance it.

Tasnem, a friend of mine in Dahab will check out the “special case children” in the local school, who´s parents are not able to pay basic payments for the education, they make a list and tell the amounts and we all have possibility to support them. I have no idea how big amounts those are and I have not much money right now, but I believe it will work out when we put our powers together.

Children in Dahab like to go to school. Not all can go to school. I remember it was this February when I passed by a 7-years-old girl in Dahab, she asked me “What is your name?”, I said my name and I asked her name. This was all she could tell in English, but she tried it out immediately what she learned and this little contact made me happy. Her eyes were shining, too.

I have hope.


Malin och Jag

Malin och Jag

Day was passing so fast today. After this slow nice weekend + long-sleeping today, I am ready to go on with my morning challenge – to wake up from 5AM or 6AM. Cloud of tiredness is slowly leaving and I can feel how my will power is coming back. Juhhei!

I was jogging today a bit and I was surprised about these nice views from the field roads. I knew that it might be good to run there, but I didn´t now that all the forests and villages are so good to see from there. Nice! Very good motivation to run there. In Berlin I ran every day and it was my need, I felt how my happiness was shaken on life when I was jogging. Today I was a bit out of form but anyway, happiness was waking up enough.

I cooked today some nice oven vegetables. Booked some tickets. Made some cloth-washing. Tiny bit Memorianum. Some e-mails.

Asked people to support Malin.

I was thinking today about how important it is to do good for each other. Send a post card, greeting, give some attention. Support. Help. We are here for each other.



In the morning I had a very clear dream about love. It was a bit stressy and sad and after waking up I had pain in my stomach. The dream was about love which is stucked. So I was thinking and feeling around, talked in my mind to hardness, bullheadedness, selfishness, egoism in me. Then I let pain be and I just staid in it, it got stronger and stronger and then was slowly losing it´s tension.

I took Lorna´s book of love and started to read it from the beginning again. Was sad and good at the same time. This is a bit how it was today. Sad and good at the same time.