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Last days are one-image-days. I just take one photo or none. Art of letting it be like that…

Was a nice day, I had much enthusiasm and I was in flow. First I made my morning rituals and then I walked up to the bench to sit there and feel the day. There´s a nice bench surrounded by birch trees, you can see the village from there and forest. Every time I am there I think – when I come next time I take a knife or something sharp with me to clean the bench from moss. Tomorrow? Maybe when I write it here I will remember.

I was writing different texts for Memorianum and wrote to some friends and asked for translations. Let´s see if they like to translate. Text are very simple and not so official.

Help, so many moths in this flat! I don´t know how many I catched already. The best to catch them is with wet hands. I was reading that they help to get rid of things, if you have a tendency to collect too much stuff and not borrow out or give away or use them yourself, then the moths will help you. Good point! I have it always pitty to give away things which I haven´t used. Shame. I have still half of my stuff in Berlin. Do I miss them? Nope. Have to clean up.

Today we celebrated Christian´s birthday with his workers and family, had many cakes, made some Pär Ahlbom games and then Christian played sound table for everyone. Nice event, would like to have such a meeting once in the month.

Now some steamed vegetables and then I go to bed direction.


Why worry?

Why worry?

I stare the empty page and don´t know what to write. What a problem – sometimes I have no energy and motivation, and when I have energy, I have no mood! Problem, problem. Weird feeling comes over me when I don´t make my forest walk or jogging. This is to remember – go for a walk! And eat at the right time, otherwise bad mood comes! And don´t wait for other people, then bad mood comes!

Against bad mood helps a warm shower, some oiling and good sleep. So I will fix it. Would like to laugh a bit. Can you recommend some funny videos? Or a funny book? Would like to read something funny. Hehe, one came in my mind.

I hope these peaches are ripening soon, they smell so good already.

Malin och Jag

Malin och Jag

Day was passing so fast today. After this slow nice weekend + long-sleeping today, I am ready to go on with my morning challenge – to wake up from 5AM or 6AM. Cloud of tiredness is slowly leaving and I can feel how my will power is coming back. Juhhei!

I was jogging today a bit and I was surprised about these nice views from the field roads. I knew that it might be good to run there, but I didn´t now that all the forests and villages are so good to see from there. Nice! Very good motivation to run there. In Berlin I ran every day and it was my need, I felt how my happiness was shaken on life when I was jogging. Today I was a bit out of form but anyway, happiness was waking up enough.

I cooked today some nice oven vegetables. Booked some tickets. Made some cloth-washing. Tiny bit Memorianum. Some e-mails.

Asked people to support Malin.

I was thinking today about how important it is to do good for each other. Send a post card, greeting, give some attention. Support. Help. We are here for each other.



When energy is down it is hard to remember how it was, when I had much energy and inspiration, it is hard to believe that this tiredness is passing by. It is like middle of the winter – you don´t really remember how the summer was.

Stillness, grayness, rain of Munich are in past, winds of Langenhain are greeting us. Fresh wind, with good smell. We made a stop on the top of the hill and I was stretching and moving like waking up after long sleep. Something in me started to move again.

The most sounding stairs I ever stepped on. Leaving our AirBnb flat.

Just a coffee.

Through the train window.

Left overs from birthday cake.

Arriving to Frankfurt.

I almost didn´t write today, but I am happy that I did. This day is only today, tomorrow is completely another day.

Let´s be alive!



Calm rainy München.
Tiredness continiues and rainy day allowes me to be less productive.

Christian is in his wish before he blowes out the candle.

Meeting Isar.

In the garden of the restaurant.

Writing a letter.



Today I was so tired. And freezing. Eyes were hurting. I just wanted to make myself very tiny and be somewhere in warmth and softness.

Took no photos. Only this one.

Now we are on the train to Munich to celebrate Christian’s birthday which is tomorrow.

I make this post in my mobile phone.

Today I got the translation from Kristel for Memorianum, so, story of Emma is now also in Estonian! This was the highlight of the day.

Next highlight will be when I fall in bed.

Hugs! Kallid! Kram!


To remember

To remember

I think all the time about Memorianum. I am drawing the plans of perfect, fantastic website which is moving like a video game, asking friends to help with translations, writing down all the to-do´s. Sending out some question formulars.

I have been so much an idea-person, I don´t completely believe that this project will be like I see it can be, but I ingnore this feeling and just keep going. Maybe I am changed, maybe I can bring things on the ground now with help of others. Maybe I always tried to do everything alone and wanted to have all the good attention on me and so I never managed things alone and stopped. Now I see that this project is needed and I would myself love to visit this website, if somebody wants to steal the idea – please do that! It can be a nice database of lifestories, funny situations out of life, descriptions of talents, about what other people learned about those persons who´s stories are up there.

Do you have somebody who is not here on the Earth anymore but you remember him/her well and you want to write this person into human history? Can be simple memories. Your grandmother with funny sayings, some nice photos? Traditions? Maybe your grandparents are still living and you want to ask them about their life?

Time to have a green drink. Thursday celebration between workingtime.

Outside office.

Outside food.