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Today was again bang-bang-bang in the room where I slept, but it was a nicer reason (for me) – one birdchen was stucked inside. She flew against the windows (not too strong) and didn´t find the way out. I opened all the windows and it took some time until I got her out.

So, after that I was very awake and ready to start the day.

I wrote many e-mails today, organized events, tried to get some people to one course which Iris Johansson is doing with Elke and Torsten Grind in Malta. Course is not really a course, it is more like a healing event. Morning starts with sound therapy, then Iris makes some primary work and later is original play with Torsten. Sounds like a paradise for me, I think every year that next year I will take part. If you are interested, then write to me.

So. My shoulders are e-mail-tired. Need a bit massage tonight.
I had time to go for a walk. I had time to drive car. Had time to steam some vegetables. Look different tractors working. Had time to be really happy. Thankful. Happy again. Tomorrow I will travel to Cologne. Jah.



In the morning I was dreaming about 2 guys who were travelling much, we sat around the big table and then I asked them won´t they like to write a book about their journey. I didn´t get the answer because I suddenly woke up. It was 5.35 and I thought it is the nice time to wake up.

I needed a small sleep middle of the day, when we drove around with Christian, so we had a brake on the forest road and took a nap.

We had one visit in the garden, where Christian was looking the works that were needed to do there. Next aim was to ask at driving school if I can drive car here in Germany with somebody who has driver´s license, but I can´t. Legally. Don´t tell anybody that I still drive sometimes with him somewhere between the fields and small roads.

When we drove to driving school, then we took the wrong way, but I thought maybe there´s a café on this wrong way, and I was right –  Christian knew there is a nice bio café at Hessnatur´s shop.

Today I thought about the idea to write two texts, first is this blog text which is kind of simple overview of some moments of my life, my thoughts, and then I could write another text, with all what is around and in it. My inner work in different situations in relations, more private details of beautiful life…

I feel I don´t  want to open everything for others to klick and consume. Sometimes I feel I hide too much, I don´t show enough and if I am only little bit open – then it is not this and not that – it is lagom, sufficent. This second text with deeper layers, it could be something I send directly to people, not put it up on internet. Those who are reading my blog can see then what is going on beside, behind, in, around this what I share here. Can be surprising. For me and others.

I invited some friends to read my blog – hello to you! I have not many who are reading my blog right now, so those readers who I don´t know personally are very special as well, hello to you, too! I am glad that you are here.



It is easier to write when things are not alright, when something inside is restless and behind everyday life is taste of suffering. When I am satisfied and happy, I think it is too sweet and boring to write about it. This is what I am learning – it is ok to have it good.

So it is – I woke up at 6 again, had my rituals, had enough time to come out from sleep, melt together with the sunlight, greeted this brand new day with all the new possibilities. Storm and rain were gone, fresh air was pressing in through the curtains. Tasty.

Around 11AM I walked through Nõmme to get another driving lession. Teacher was kind and clear and it helped me to be relaxed, didn´t make many mistakes. Happiness was jumping in me when I was getting out from the car, I was shouting “Ciao!” for my teacher, he stopped for a while and then told “Good bye!”. Yesyesyesysessss I can drive! YEEEESSS!

I went to café to celebrate 34,5 years birthday of mine, took a coffee, wrote diary. Listened to one dialog next to me, between ~4 years old girl and her mother.

Girl is moving the straw in her milk to make some bubbles, she is telling happily about her bubble milk.

Mom: Don´t play with food!
Girl: But this is not food, it is milk.
Mom: It is food.
Girl: It is liquid.

Later I bought a new domain: I started once with one project, but it felt so big that I stopped it. Now I start slowly again, I do so much I can.
It is about people who are not living anymore but who are not forgotten (yet). I see collection of life stories with photos, comments from different people, some photos, maybe sound, video… I don´t now yet how it all can function, but I know I have to do it.

Moon is rising, some airplanes as well. I am middle of packing, tomorrow I will be on the road again.

This is the view when I am sitting on toilet. Good place to medetate.




From today I try to blog every day for one month. I want to shake my ideals how my texts and thoughts should be presented, I just shoot out!

I thought I am already too late, I should sleep now, I took up another challenge – to go to sleep at 10PM and wake up at 5AM. But now it is already 22:26! Failed. Half failed.

Today I:

– walked at 8.30 through the graveyard to go to drive car.

– saw two old ladies sitting heads together on the edge of the grave and showing each other photos. It looked so nice, wanted to go there and be with them but I was too shy and I thought I will get late to (for) my driving lesson.

– I was wrong – teacher cancelled our lesson just at this time when we had our appointment. Reason – I forgot to verify our last lesson. She wrote if I fix it then she CAN give me new chance at 6PM.

– I was walking back all the way, was very nice morning! A Rabbit was running front of me for some time. I was reading names on the graves. I just can´t pass by without reading them. I feel connected to these people in this moment.

– At “home” (my mom´s place) I was reading Old Testament and I still wondering what it is about.

– Continiued to design 7m long sign for Christian, “Christian Schönberger Der Baumpflege” comes on that, the sign will hang on our house. Tried to find out how to make the printing file for such a big sign. Didn´t find.

– I went second time through the graveyard.

– I was driving on the country roads, 100km/h! Cool. I like driving. Can´t wait to have my own car to race around! Made a huge round in Tallinn, in  2h.

– Walked again through the graveyard. One white dog was walking top of the wall, I was afraid, but all went good, he had owners somewhere nearby.

– I walked to the shop because I wanted to have a glass bottle for a special borax water which I start to drink.  There on the bench was sitting one guy I know and so we talked almost 2 hours. We never meet like friends, but when we see each other, we have long deep conversation. He was in special state and he was having wide look on the life, so ot was an intense meeting. Front of Rimi shop. This is what I like about Estonia, I don´t have such meetings in other countries. Maybe in Sweden only, in Järna.

It is 23:00 and I go to bed. I am happy.