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Tacit day

Tacit day

Today is a tacit day. Good for feeling myself – where I am, how I am.
I am much, even if it feels sometimes that I am blank and still. I am so much that I could fill up all the surrounding with myself if I would let all out what wants to come out. I am listening myself, hugging the small me when she gets afraid, letting her safely grow up.

We were 10 days in Dahab and I enjoyed it much. Sun light, friends, new contacts, talks with Iris… Learned again to know new sides of myself, never ending exciting journey. Tears in laughing face.

New 7 year period starts and I feel it with every cell of my body. Would like to shout. (Did it!).



Hello again, my lovely readers.
I am in Berlin for some more hours and then I take the train to Frankfurt – in the evening I am back in Langenhain for one week.

I have had different happenings in between – I got together 8400 Egyptian pounds for children in Dahab! So many people wanted to take part of this small action. It is so easy to do someting good, I recommend to try! Look around, look how far your hands are reaching to help somebody.

After Communication as Art course with Iris I travelled from Hagalund to Järna. Made some computer work in Åsgatan café. Filmed Malin´s process in studio. Became ill. Didn´t fly to Florence with Michael as it was planned because Ryanair had strike. Went to Dresten instead to watch Raphael´s painting. It was Michael´s birthday present to me. Was really touching to see this painting, stood long time there to feel it.
Went to ecstatic dance event and danced myself free. Had coffee time with Katja, warming. I have all I need in my life and 100 times more.
Now I have to go to the train, have it good!

In Hagalund

In Hagalund

I had a rich day today. I slept out, then watched how branches were dancing in the wind behind my window, then I went jogging and on the way I passed by the lake, so I went to swim. Howww good it was! I was so thankful that I had to sing. Bright September light, warm wind, fresh water.

Later we cleaned up the old school house with Susanne, took care of cows. I cleaned up one small hut where many ants were living in the summer, now it is clean.

Now I wrote many e-mails and facebook messages to invite people to take part of beneficence to support children in Dahab. 300 Egyptian pounds are 15 EUR, so this is the cost for one child to go to school and get all she/her needs during one school year. We are now 4 persons who want to take part. School starts in 5 days and I don´t know if I can get 10 persons together. I try to not to get stressed. Right now my shoulders are a bit tense and I should go to sleep. I do that.

I am so happy today! Happy to be here, happy that I have possibility to enjoy the life.

I would like to give to you some of my happiness.

Met this guy today, he came into Barbara´s kitchen and we had a talk. He said he has written 300 pages about his life, he was writing at home and then felt he has to go out and enjoy nice summer weather. I told him if he doesn´t get somebody to publish his autobiography, then he could publish it in Memorianum.

When I sat here in my office, rooster was passing by and had an suspicious eye on me.

Cleaning up.

10 Children

10 Children


Tasnem said one year education + books, pens for one child costs around 300 Egyptian pounds, it is less then 30 EUR.

She knows already one singel mother with 3 children, who can’t pay that for her children, and there are some more familes who would need help. I told I will try to get help for 10 children.

If you would like to help one child to feel good and be part of school family, write to me and I tell you about next steps.‎

Greetings from Autobahn, we are on the way to Austria and stucked in traffic jam.


Children in Dahab

Children in Dahab


Back from Cologne, back from my forest walk, back in writing.

I am writing to different women to ask how it is possible to do something for children in Egypt, Dahab. I believe it is important for children to feel that somebody cares about them. When they feel hope, then things can go much better for all the world. We are a big network. Look how much we have here in Europe and how much is missing at some places in the other side of the globe. Let´t try to balance it.

Tasnem, a friend of mine in Dahab will check out the “special case children” in the local school, who´s parents are not able to pay basic payments for the education, they make a list and tell the amounts and we all have possibility to support them. I have no idea how big amounts those are and I have not much money right now, but I believe it will work out when we put our powers together.

Children in Dahab like to go to school. Not all can go to school. I remember it was this February when I passed by a 7-years-old girl in Dahab, she asked me “What is your name?”, I said my name and I asked her name. This was all she could tell in English, but she tried it out immediately what she learned and this little contact made me happy. Her eyes were shining, too.

I have hope.


Looking back

Looking back

One month can be so wide and long. Filled with so many moments that it feels like a half of year has passed. I experience this kind of awakeness since I started to travel from one place to another instead living at the same place.

When I came here to Dahab, we started course with Iris Johansson. In the beginning I could not enjoy the moment, I asked her what I am waiting for, why it is so hard to feel myself living, and she said that I am waiting something from outside, instead of looking what I experience in myself. I learned to ask myself “What I feel now?”, “What I would like to do now?”, “Where I would like to be now?”.  It gets better and better but I still have to exercise that.

I was in the beginning more at Mirage café, cutting together the video for Christian and Bea.
Starting to make Instastories, learned to be visible. (It is not dangerous!)
Started Talent Project and made an interview and photo session with Fru Konstnär. Started a documentary movie with her!

Inspiration came to me and I wrote different things for my website. About the dream to have a mobile home, to make projects.
I started to organize a playful course with a playful man, and course name is “Das Leben will mit dir spielen — aber wirklich!” (Life Wants to Play with You — but really!”) Michael put this name and he makes the structure for the course, and this structure is of course flexible, otherwise it will not be playful. : )

I documented and supported local Bedouine to plant 20 palm trees. This was the first real action of Living Landscape Group. I want to support the nature and this is how I will do it. Made instagram account for this Group. Help us to help the nature!

My laptop broke, I brought it to my Egyptian friend and he fixed it. One evening I was taking rest after the troubles with my laptop and then I heard Life telling me to ask help. I asked if Christian and Bea can support me to buy the new laptop so that I could continue to work to them. They agreed! I will give my old one to my Egyptian friend who really likes this laptop. 7 years I had this laptop and I never had a problem with it! I hope it will live another 7 years happily with Nagy. I am a bit afraid to give it away, something in me asks – but if I need it? Maybe I need the second computer just in case? But I know this is not right. I am secured. Life secures me so much! More I let go, more comes.

I feel I write in really funny English, I hope some native English speakers still can understand me. : ) You are welcome to correct me.

I had just nice time here in Dahab, much rest, much sleep, much sun, much good food, much time with nice people.
Maybe I will come back here in November to help to plant some more palm trees.

Today I met one biker guy here in café, he came in and I just started to talk to him and we had a coffee together. He has been on the road since 1950 days as I see it on his website. He is on his way and he inspired me to make an another blog post here.