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Today ends my challenge to write from 17th of August to 17th of September! Was not always easy, but it was a nice challenge. I like to publish things even if my texts are not perfect, not always deep and full of wisdom or poetry. OK, I didn´t like it, but I learned to like it. I had to come out from “what to write today” and “I have nothing to say” thoughts. I often started my writing “I don´t know what to write”, but then something came up and I deleted this “I don´t know what to write” part.

Today when we had flight stop in Riga, I texted to some persons to find out to where in Sweden I should go, and it worked well. Susanne said she is in Arvika just at this time when the train I tought to take is arriving and she can pick me up. I thought it must be a good sign and I bought the ticket. Lilla Årbotten is waiting for me.

I will celebrate today. I am now in the train to Karlstad, so I think I will go to board restaurant and get something for myself.