Bang bang

Bang bang

Here I am again. With photos.

I took a knife with me and cleaned the bench. Now it would be good to wash it, it has kind of soily layer on the surface.

This is very usual picture here in this village and further around. Last year there were almost no fruits and this year there are so many that branches are getting broken. They brake also because of dryness, said Christian.

Like big pearls on the ground…


I joined Christian to one garden where he was cutting one marple tree. It was a nice garden. Owners had water place for the birds, also insect hotels, many nice trees and plants. People were so thankful about what Christian told them about trees.

So nice rose. She asked us to smell it, it smelled for me like an eatable plant. Njomm.

Last night I could not fall asleep, the day had been so intense and I suddenly felt I have so many unloaded feelings in my. So I shaked out some and wept out some.

In the morning when I was reading peacefully Lorna´s prayer book, there were two strong bangs so that all the house was shaking. I thought maybe heating system was exploading in the celler, I called Christian and he said these were military airplanes. When they fly faster than sound speed is, then they make such bangs. Scary.

But let´s look now again photo of rose to end this post with a nice tune.


2 thoughts on “Bang bang

  1. Nad Hiiumaa kohal ka plõksuvad ja undavad suht sageli. Harjub ära! Siiski veits kriipi. Aga siis jällegi — roosipilt !

    Head nädalavahetust!

    1. Ma olen neid Nõmmel ka kuulnud, aga siis nad tuhisevad ja vilisevad jubedalt, aga selliseid õhulööke pole varem kogenud. Lennukeid endid polnud eriti kuuldagi.

      Aga jah, vaadakem roosi jällegi.

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