Today I was so tired. And freezing. Eyes were hurting. I just wanted to make myself very tiny and be somewhere in warmth and softness.

Took no photos. Only this one.

Now we are on the train to Munich to celebrate Christian’s birthday which is tomorrow.

I make this post in my mobile phone.

Today I got the translation from Kristel for Memorianum, so, story of Emma is now also in Estonian! This was the highlight of the day. www.memorianum.net

Next highlight will be when I fall in bed.

Hugs! Kallid! Kram!


4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Hääd nädalavahetust ja sünnipäevitamist! Oli tore tõlkida, väiksed nipet-näpet parandused jõuab sisse viia … oh, no siis kui jõuab! Kallistus vastu!

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