Head aega!

Head aega!

Moon is getting full and people are extra nervous, unpatient, busy.
I am at Tallinn Airport, soon leaving Estonia, having one hour stop in Stockholm and then I will fly to Frankfurt.

Teemu learned to come upstairs, so he came and helped me to finish packing.

Mom is looking around in her garden.

I will be back in Estonia in October to continiue with driver´s license, maybe I manage to get it in this year. But I don´t mind if this doesn´t happen.

I write different sentences and delete again, write and delete, write and delete. There´s many people around me, I have laptop on my lap and it is not so easy to focus in myself.
This one-post-every-day challence is good because I don´t think “it is not best time to write now” – I have to write and I look for a chance to do it. And then I do it, even if it is not the best text I write. I have also another challence – to be in bed at 10PM every day, so, I won´t push my blog writing to somewhere later. There´s no later. Life wants to play with you – This is the name of my tiny company, so, let´s play!

How I manage to write when I am at the course? Or in Austria – middle of the water? In Köln? In München? I don´t know. If I don´t manage to get internet, then I will write offline.

Now it is time to get a coffee.

I wanted to write “I love you all!” but then I thought “you can´t say that, it sounds stupid”, but now I wrote it anyway. Have it good! I love you all!


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