18.08.18 Stayin´ Alive

18.08.18 Stayin´ Alive

I woke up today at 6AM, heard my alarm at 5AM as well, but I… don´t remember what happened.
I like mornings. I always liked, but only way for me to see summer morning was to stay up all the night until the morning. Waking up early was never my thing. I feel I still have stress from the school time – I always felt I don´t have enough rest. Now, after many years I still have some kind of wish to sleep out, even if I haven´t done much and I have nothing to sleep out.

I guess it was yesterday before sleeping when I got the thought – life is soo interesting, why I should sleep out from that? It gives lots of energy! Iris says we have 1000 times more energy than we use. I start to understand that. Me, the person, who loves to sleep until midday! So, I proudly present, here I greet sunrise:

For my mom it is not so special to wake up early, she likes her time alone, some coffee and reading, walking in the garden. Today she brought Teemu up to me because he was mad.

At 9 o´clock many things were done and I was ready to go to first aid course. Took a coffee from Reval Cafe and then had 4 hours course, which I liked very much. It is nice to listen to a person who knows her work. I was her partner when she showed things, so I learned extra. We listened to Bee Gees “Stayin´ Alive” to get right rhytm for heart massage. 4 hours were passing fast.

Around 3PM I got so tired and slept for 2 hours. Less sugar and coffe and i will be less tired, I guess. But let´s not be perfect!
Then we had some nice fresh rain. After the rain I played grass hockey with my brother, he was happy and me too.

I am again too late, have to learn to plan my time. Dad is visiting, wanted to talk to him and now writing also… But I feel alive! Let´s stay alive!

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