From today I try to blog every day for one month. I want to shake my ideals how my texts and thoughts should be presented, I just shoot out!

I thought I am already too late, I should sleep now, I took up another challenge – to go to sleep at 10PM and wake up at 5AM. But now it is already 22:26! Failed. Half failed.

Today I:

– walked at 8.30 through the graveyard to go to drive car.

– saw two old ladies sitting heads together on the edge of the grave and showing each other photos. It looked so nice, wanted to go there and be with them but I was too shy and I thought I will get late to (for) my driving lesson.

– I was wrong – teacher cancelled our lesson just at this time when we had our appointment. Reason – I forgot to verify our last lesson. She wrote if I fix it then she CAN give me new chance at 6PM.

– I was walking back all the way, was very nice morning! A Rabbit was running front of me for some time. I was reading names on the graves. I just can´t pass by without reading them. I feel connected to these people in this moment.

– At “home” (my mom´s place) I was reading Old Testament and I still wondering what it is about.

– Continiued to design 7m long sign for Christian, “Christian Schönberger Der Baumpflege” comes on that, the sign will hang on our house. Tried to find out how to make the printing file for such a big sign. Didn´t find.

– I went second time through the graveyard.

– I was driving on the country roads, 100km/h! Cool. I like driving. Can´t wait to have my own car to race around! Made a huge round in Tallinn, in  2h.

– Walked again through the graveyard. One white dog was walking top of the wall, I was afraid, but all went good, he had owners somewhere nearby.

– I walked to the shop because I wanted to have a glass bottle for a special borax water which I start to drink.  There on the bench was sitting one guy I know and so we talked almost 2 hours. We never meet like friends, but when we see each other, we have long deep conversation. He was in special state and he was having wide look on the life, so ot was an intense meeting. Front of Rimi shop. This is what I like about Estonia, I don´t have such meetings in other countries. Maybe in Sweden only, in Järna.

It is 23:00 and I go to bed. I am happy.


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